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Naturopathy includes several different modalities

Naturopathy is a holistic therapy that includes different interventions. I most often work with nutrition, herbal medicine, supplements, lifestyle advice, flower essences, and stress management techniques.

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Our food nourishes every cell in our body – including our brain. That’s why with good food our mind clears, our motivation grows, energy levels rise, and we feel well in every aspect of our lives. I believe that proper nutrition is what nourishes our lives, our relationships, our families and our work. 

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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is one of the oldest and most effective forms of medicine in the world. These are plant extracts that can be used in our food, as infusions, or in more “medicinal” forms of tinctures or capsules. Herbal medicine today is one of the best researched fields, proving to be safe and efficient.

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Bach Flower Remedies

BFRs may be useful in a wide range of issues, including depression and anxiety, stress, adjustment problems, and any other condition where emotion is a key element. The central theory is that at the heart of any pain or illness there is an emotional trigger, and through addressing that – we may find physical relief.

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Lifestyle Advice

Creating the sustainable habits that make everything else we discuss work! I offer you the support and advice to achieve this, by focusing on different aspects in your life which may require minor adjustments in order to allow the process to flow with ease. 

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Nutritional supplements can be vitamins or minerals which, for various reasons, we may be lacking or need more of at certain times. For the most part, supplements are given to treat a specific situation while we treat the cause of the deficiency, and are not intended for long term use. 

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Stress Management

Learning techniques that support the reduction of systemic stress allows the body to begin the healing process. By finding the methods that work for you, we are able to create the space within for change to occur. 

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I’m Maya, I’m a fully-qualified naturopath who has been practising since 2013. Before I take you through exactly what that means, I wanted to tell you what I do, and how it can apply to you.
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