Choosing Wisely: Understanding the Qualifications of a Naturopath

how to choose a good naturopath

I get asked quite a bit how one should choose a naturopath? Naturopathy’s diverse landscape can make choosing a practitioner seem like navigating uncharted waters. This post aims to demystify the qualifications that distinguish a reliable naturopath, ensuring your healthcare partner is well-equipped for your wellness journey.

Educational Background:

Naturopaths typically undergo rigorous education, graduating from accredited institutions with degrees or diplomas in naturopathic medicine. The curriculum covers a range of topics, including botanical herbal medicine, nutrition, lifestyle medicine and a variety of other tools. This educational foundation equips naturopaths with a comprehensive understanding of natural healing modalities.

Professional Certifications:

Beyond academic qualifications, additional certifications showcase a commitment to excellence. Certifications in specific areas, such as herbal medicine or nutrition, indicate a practitioner’s expertise in these domains. Recognising these certifications ensures your naturopath possesses specialised knowledge relevant to your health concerns.

Continual Learning:

The field of naturopathy is dynamic, with ongoing research and evolving practices. A commitment to continual learning through workshops, seminars, and advanced certifications demonstrates a practitioner’s dedication to staying current with the latest developments in natural healthcare.

A good naturopath will always be learning new tools, gaining new qualifications. When we love what we do we’re always trying to find new ways of helping our clients. Since graduating I have taken countless courses learning a variety of topics from child care to sports nutrition to healing Qi Gong.

There are few naturopaths who choose to continue with higher education, this is less common in the UK as there are only very few opportunities. I chose to continue and gain an MSc in Advanced Complementary Medicine.


In the pursuit of natural healing, understanding your naturopath’s qualifications is as crucial as the treatments themselves. Armed with knowledge, you can confidently choose a practitioner whose qualifications align with your health goals and values.

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